Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different

We talk to people. We get a lot of emails. We reply to a lot of emails. We answer lots of phone calls. We have people visit us at our office.

We measure a lot of buildings. We give out lots of advice. We get some strange requests.

We design things. We make things. We print things. We paint things. We weld and fabricate things. We install things, lots and lots of all that.

We juggle multiple tasks, always trying to stay on top of the workload, always trying to have things ready on time.

We design some really neat stuff, and also some really standard, boring stuff. All part of the fun.

We make lots of things, hardly ever two jobs are the same.

We install anything and everything. Outside bureaus send us stuff to install, lots of it, and all over the place.

Welcome to our life!